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James 'Grim' Desborough is one half of the writing team responsible for the Origin's Award winning Munchkin's Guide to Powergaming as well as a freelance writer for a great many PDF and dead-tree edition RPGs and supplements.

A roleplayer since the age of 9, earlier if you count Fighting Fantasy books, he has over 20 years experience in gaming the vast majority of that as a GM, along with around 10 years experience of what we call 'Wine and cheese' LARPs, as opposed to 'Mud and beer' LARPs.

If you want a long and boring story told to you, ask him how he got the name 'Grim'.

Grim lives in the wilds of darkest Hampshire in a tiny and picturesque village he has lived in since he was a much smaller human worm-baby. If it wasn't for the internet he would be a mad and crazy hermit.

Grim is married to his beautiful wife Donna having lucked out and imported an American geek-chick to marry. They are both ruled with an iron paw by their cat, Charlie, who has designs on ruling the world.

When not writing RPGs he is playing them, reading them or rearranging them in his bookcase. As an alternative he has been known - where possible - to get in some wargaming or computer gaming. All hail Sony and roll on the PS3.
Postmortem Studios is the company and imprint of Grim's personally published RPG material. Postmortem Studios consists of just him, plus the occasional freelance artist or writer.

Postmortem Studios had an ignoble start as Dead Hamster Games, selling photocopied home-brewed Cyberpunk London supplements way back in the 90's when the mullet could still be seen in its natural habitat. Copyright and so on not being of much concern to a few kids with stars in their eyes.

Much later this became Postmortem Studios and got its own website, showing off some freebie games put together by Grim and friends such as Iron Empire and Neverwhere along with humour and support for LARP games.

After a time Postmortem Studios became a roleplaying creation community, a sort of 'collective' devoted to turning something out. To start with this was Cloak of Steel but then the dot.com crash happened and an alternative source of income was needed. Postmortem Studios then went commerical and full time and is now in its third year of operation.